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ERII Wilkinson Royal Naval Master-at-Arms Sword (sold)

An ERII British Royal Navy Master-at-Arms sword, by Wilkinson, with scabbard, sword knot and all-weather bag.

ERII Wilkinson Royal Naval Master-at-Arms Swordimage B96 1

Sold Item Notice

Wilkinson serial number 93519 (for 1968) to the spine, there is a light engraving on the reverse side of the ricasso (the other side of where the Wilkinson logo is etched); "F L Mulloy Devonport / MX 891843 Master-at-Arms". I believe the sword is overall suitable for a serving officer, if required by one, and that the inscription could fairly easily be removed by a metal polisher, again, if required.

image B96 2

The plain 30 3/4 inch blade is in exceptionally good condition and firm min the hilt. The hilt retaining much original gilt; the folding section working well and locating onto the scabbard's pin as it should. The fishskin grip exceptionally good one side, a little worn the other; the twisted grip wire bindings all present and correct. The original sword knot is mostly good, a little grubby here, a little frayed there. The leather and gilt fittings scabbard mostly very good except for a kink in the lower leather section. The sword sheaths and draws well. The black all-weather bag is mostly good, some paint or other white spots to it, should come off; a little creased as you would expect. These are very scarce onto the market and thus £750 is a very fair price. Full sized / additional pictures available upon request. Please quote item reference number B96 (608).

















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