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Napoleonic British Light Cavalry Sabre, 16th Light Dragoons (sold)

A 1796P British light cavalry trooper's sabre marked to the 16th Light Dragoons who played a vital part at Waterloo.

Napoleonic British Light Cavalry Sabre, 16th Light Dragoonsimage B81 1

Sold Item Notice

We guarantee this to be an authentic period / Napoleonic era British light cavalry sabre; be careful, most are modern reproductions; this is a 100% authentic 1796P. With a crown over 1 acceptance stamp, this sabre was almost certainly made by Gill of Birmingham. There appears to be the worn remains of something on the spine of the blade, where the maker's name often would appear, but the 1 under crown stamp (protected as it is under one of the langets) is 100% authentic for Gill and proves the sword was accepted for use by a front line regiment. One langet is marked "B 1" (sabre 1 of troop B), the scabbard is marked "16 LD B 1" (sabre 1 of troop B, the 16th Light Dragoons). It is therefore quite possible or even probable that this sabre was at Waterloo.

image B81 2s

The 32 inch blade has been cleaned a lot, but is in generally very good condition / order, though with some small nicks to the forward cutting edge which almost certainly convey it having been involved in sword to sword combat. The blade is firm in the hilt, the hilt very good and the grip very nice (well above average). The steel scabbard shows the signs of having rust pitting and been cleaned many times. The sabre rattles in the scabbard so the inner wood liners have gone (no surprise there). There are other markings to the other side of the scabbard which are indiscernible / may be older, and the sword may have therefore been reissued (as was common) at some stage. A very good and evocative example and, who knows, it may have well helped save the day at Waterloo (the 16th Light Dragoons saved the British Heavy Brigade from being decimated). Further / full sized pictures available upon request. Please quote our reference number B81 (558).

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