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1796 Patt. Napoleonic British Light Cavalry Officer's Sabre (sold)

With clear battle (sword fight) marks to the cutting edge of the blade, Napoleonic British light cavalry officer's sabre in good order.

1796 Patt. Napoleonic British Light Cavalry Officer's Sabreimage B61 1

Sold Item Notice

An impressive infamous British 1796P light cavalry officer's sabre with period tell-tale nicks to the forward cutting edge of the blade says that this sword was used in battle, in a sword fight. Only another blade could make such nicks and after a while you come to look for them / seek such battle hardened swords out.

image B61 2

I believe the sword was made by Craven of Birmingham; there are the remains of "(something) Warranted" to the blade's spine, and with the help of a good lamp and magnifying glass, I am confident it is "Craven". There is an engraved locket on the scabbard, but I do not think this is a maker's name (or what is left of it), I believe it is a presentation locket with the feint remains of "from someone to the recipient".

The 32 1/2 inch blade is impressive and in good order; the once blue and gilt etching now feint, several combat nicks to the forward cutting edge. The blade is firm in the hilt; the hilt has a slight amount of movement, not very much. The hilt metal in good order with patina throughout. The original leather grip in good shape, the twisted grip bindings having lost around 5/8. The blade sheathes and draws very well, so the wooden liners are still present in the scabbard. A superb piece that appears to have seen the demise of a Napoleonic Frenchman or two. Plenty of holding and ownership enjoyment plus a good investment. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. Please quote item reference number B61 (559).

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