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Victorian 1827P Naval Officer's Sword, Claymore Blade, Seagrove, sold

In good order, the blade in very good condition, a scarce claymore bladed British Royal Naval officer's sword by Seagrove, original sword knot and scabbard.

Victorian 1827P Naval Officer's Sword, Claymore Blade, Seagroveimage B19 1

Sold Item Notice

Although claymore bladed RN officer swords sell for more, I really believe they are worth it and I make a point of trying to get any that become available. Most likely a fashion statement by the original owner rather than connection with the Scottish Highlands, the swanky, often well connected Royal Navy officers of around 1870 to 1880 would not be seen without anything other.

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This one has a well above average blade preservation wise. 30 inches long, well etched and firm in the hilt, the hilt does show signs of being around 140 years old. The white fishskin grip is a little grubby but basically in very good order, as are the twisted wire bindings. The original sword knot is a real bonus but frayed, though I believe it could be repaired. The leather and gilt fittings scabbard has a taped repair near the chape, is aged all over and has lost most of its glint, but overall not bad, and authentic / original. Marked to maker "Seagrove, The Hard, Portsea", this dates it from 1867 to 1891, though again I am sure it was made circa 1875. Scarce items like this command higher prices but ultimately better investments, this one is priced very reasonably. Further / full sized images upon request. Please quote reference number B19 (453).

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