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Circa 1790 English Infantry Senior Officer's Sword, Sold

An unusual and therefore scarce circa 1790 English infantry officer's sword with ivory grip and in good condition.

Circa 1790 English Infantry Senior Officer's Swordimage B14 1

Sold Item Notice

This sword is unusual in that the hilt is pretty much what you would expect from a cavalry sword of that time, though this is an infantry officer's sword. Sword patterns were not really regulated that much in the late 19th Century, so variations on a basic theme are quite common. This sword is a little less common; it is the first we have seen. Made by Wooley & Co, it may well have been made for an infantry officer that rode a horse some of the time, as was quite common. By having a cavalry style hilt on his infantry blade, he perhaps got the best of both worlds.

image B14 0b

The 29 1/2 inch curved blade, double edged for the last quarter, is in good order and firm in the hilt. The hilt is equally in good shape, the large lump of ivory that makes the grip has a few small pieces missing, as you really should expect. But everything nice and firm, and a very impressive sword. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. My item reference number B14 (568).

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