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British Naval Officer's Sword, Claymore Blade, Guy & Eames, (sold)

In good condition, the blade particularly nice and crisp, a scarce Victorian (circa 1875) 1827P claymore blade British Royal Navy officer's sword by Guy & Eames (late Selby) of Portsmouth.

British Naval Officer's Sword, Claymore Blade, Guy & Eamesimage B09 1

Sold Item Notice

Claymore bladed RN officer's swords are my favorite. Popular in the late 1800's (1870 to 1885), they would have cost the original owner a pretty penny more than the normal bladed version.

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This one, marked to Guy & Eames (late Selby) of Portsmouth, has a very nice condition 29 1/2 inch blade, which is still firm in the hilt. The hilt itself is on good condition, the black (for a junior officer) fishskin grip in very good shape, the black dye originally used is feint in places (could be re-dyed but I personally like it the way it is), the twisted gripe wire bindings in good shape. The sword sheathes and draws well into / out of its original leather and gilt fittings scabbard, the gilt now given way to the brass foundations. The locking pin mechanism works well but the pin does not easily locate, I think because of a small design flaw in the locking mechanism (this mechanism has a hidden spring flange which I think prevents the folding section from fully locating - this flange could be removed but personally I would leave it there). A ding in the lower scabbard fitting / chape which has risen (moved upwards) in the past. A well above average example. Further / full sized images upon request. Please quote reference number B09 (456).

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