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Edo, jo-jo-saku swordsmith, Higashiyama ju Yoshihira, katana, sold

In very good condition and polish, an early Edo period katana made by jo-jo saku swordsmith Higashiyama ju Yoshihira.

Edo, jo-jo-saku swordsmith, Higashiyama ju Yoshihira, katanaimage B05 1

Sold Item Notice

This sword came from a deceased prolific militaria collector's estate in the UK. He was a prolific collector mostly in 1970's, while it was still possible to find and buy such highly rated swordsmiths' blades. The mounts are, I believe, circa the 70'sw but the blade is clearly an exceptional old (edo period) blade. The mei Higashiyama ju Yoshihira has been copied more recently, but in the shin shinto style. This is an authentic Edo period Higashiyama ju Yoshihira. No, it is not NBTHK certified, only because logistically this is not so easy for me to arrange. If it were certified, I would ask twice the amount but, I am prepared to guarantee its authenticity.

image B05 2

image B05 6

Higashiyama ju Yoshihira

The impressive 28 inch blade has a superb hamon and very little ware; there is the smallest / tiniest of nicks (one only) to the cutting edge of the blade but it is hardly visible. I have seen Christies in New York listing one of Higashiyama ju Yoshihira's uncertified wakizashis for an estimate range of $15000 to $20000 in 2008, and that was for a wakizashi, not a full length katana as with this fine sword. Prices for quality Japanese blades have soared since then, so £xxxx (too late, now sold - we will divulge original sales price for a small fee) is a jo-jo-saku (very, very good) price indeed. Reference number B05 (462). Full sized / further images available upon request.

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