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Gendaito Civilian Katana, signed Ueda ju Tomomaro, sold

A high quality Gendaito bladed civilian katana, signed Ueda ju Tomomaro, dated August 1944.

Gendaito Civilian Katana, signed Ueda ju Tomomaroimage B02 1

Sold Item Notice

Ueda ju Tomomaro was a Rikugun Jumei Tosho (certified Gendaito swordsmith) from Nagano Prefecture. He won 2nd seat in the 1941
Shinsakuto Exhibition. He is Hawley 1981 TOM 85, Nihonto Meikan p.638 and his oshigata appears in Slough on page 172. His family name is Furihata, his personal name was Tatsuo. Ueda ju Tomomaro are noted for their quality and being slightly wider and thus heavier than other blades of the era; a very satisfying feel when held!

It is unusual to find a civilian mounted WW2 era blade; of course, it may have originally been in a shin gunto army katana and been replaced at a later date, but maybe not. The blade is free of Japanese inspection stamps, so it was made as a private purchase in August 1944. The blade is a little dull through age, but the hamon is clearly visible and the beauty of a hand forged traditional blade very apparent.

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The 27 inch blade is impressive as it is in good overall condition; a few forging specks here and there, a tiny ware (forging line) one side, nothing much, a very, very well made blade. A superb. lovely hamon; feint but not too much so. Just look around the internet and see how much this swordsmith's gendaito have sold for elsewhere and you will have no doubt this is a superb investment at a very low price. Further / full sized photos available upon request. Item Ref: B02 (422)

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