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Ames 1860 Model Cavalry Sword dated 1865 (US Civil War) Sold

Exceptionally good condition US civil war cavalry sword (Ames made 1860 model), dated 1865, with scabbard.

Ames 1860 Model Cavalry Sword dated 1865US Civil Ward Cavalry Sword

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Made by the Ames Manufacturing Company of Chicopee Massachusetts in 1865, this 1860 model US cavalry sword is in exceptionally good condition. Maker scroll version marked on the ricasso one side, inspector "J.C.W.", "U.S." and "1865" date marks the other. The pommel also is stamped "J.C.W." as should be expected. The scabbard's shoe / drag has the remains of a now indistinguishable inspection mark. The 88 cm blade is in exceptionally good, almost mint condition and it firm in the hilt, which along with the grip is also firm. The grip leather is a little worn in places, the ring bindings are complete (maybe replacement). The scabbard is on overally very good condition with some patina and small dents. A very good example of this famous American civial war sword which I would accept £600 for.

J C W Inspector mark 1862

Early American Civil War (1861 - 1865) swords are in huge demand on the basis the earlier into the war they were, the more likely they are to have seen combat. What is interesting about the civil war and their cavalry officers / troopers is that it was considered very bad form to sharpen the edge of the blade, unlike in Europe where everything went. I mention this because this blade is unsharpened and also in virtually mint condition, but this does not mean the sword never saw action. This sword was purchased in England and reportedly had been in the previous owner's family for some time, raising the prospect it was brought back to the UK by an English mercenary. Although that raises an even more grisly possibility in that British Mercenaries tended to fight for the Confederate Army and this is a Union sword.

Ames MFG Co Chicopee Mass

The whole sword including scabbard is in very good condition, although the scabbard has some pitting and the grip's ring bindings has loosened a very small amount over time as you would expect. Further pictures available upon request.

JCW Ames Pommel Stamp






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