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1796P British Light Cavalry Troopers Sabre, Woolley & Co, for sale

In good but damaged condition, an officially / period shortened 1796P British Light Cavalry Troopers Sabre, made by Woolley & Co; most probably battle damaged.

1796P British Light Cavalry Troopers Sabre, Woolley & Co

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The blade period shortened and reformed (there is patina to the reformed forward cutting edge proving it was done in the period). The leather on the grip almost completely worn through. Marked to "Woolley & Co" on the spine, dating its manufacture from 1796 to 1798. A crown over 1 view / inspection mark to the blade proving it was sold to the War Department and therefore most likely supplied to a regular (rather than a Yeomanry / Reserve regiment). Marked just "43" to the knucklebow; very early British cavalry markings. This sword was almost certainly therefore damaged in battle and had the blade point reformed for regimental practice use.

The 27 5/8 blade is in good overall condition and firm in the hilt. The hilt overall aged by very good. The grip with a lot of age, wear and sectional leather loss. The steel scabbard is good but has lost a suspension ring. The sword sheathes and draws well.

Who knows? All we can say is "most likely" based on all the evidence. But at just £625, a worthy and evocative potential famous battle victim. Please quote item reference number AE45. Further / full size images available upon request. Box 0853-1m (2.225).

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