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ERII British Cavalry Officer's Wilkinson Sword, Sold

In good to very good condition, a ERII British Cavalry Officer's Wilkinson Sword.

ERII British Cavalry Officer's Wilkinson Swordimage AE29 1

Sold Item Notice

Serial number 86641 for 1964, this ERII British Cavalry Officer's Wilkinson Sword is showing its age a bit but could be refurbished by Crisp & Son if required for a serving officer or collector out for a parade quality example. Initials "O S R" (or different order thereof) of the original officer owner etched to the blade; it is very likely the original officer's name could be determined for just £10 conducting a search of the Wilkinson sales ledger.

Photos taken with and without flash to show the superb grey etching.

image AE29 2
image AE29 3
image AE29 4
image AE29 5

The 35 1/4 inch blade is very good except for a small number of tiny patina patches and wear / rubbing. Blade firm in the hilt. The hilt / guard sound but aged and with patina spots (inside of hilt / bowl guard with steady light inert rust); a good metal polish would restore the aging except for the patina which would need to be re-plated to restore to parade ground condition. The grip is good but has lost some black colour (most people just use some liquid shoe black). The grip wire is all there but a little bit loose. The leather field scabbard is aged but sound except for a line which may be a series of slight scratchings or a hairline break (we can not tell), and there are a couple of scuffs, one small but deep to the wood base. The sword sheathes and draws well.

Quite a scarce item to find these days. A good buy at £? (too late, now sold). Please quote reference AE29 (0781). Further / full sized images available upon request..

image AE29 6

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