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WW2 Royal Navy Officer's Dirk of A/S.Lt / S.Lt R. L. Alexander, Sold

In good overall condition, the WW2 Royal Navy Officer's Dirk of A/S.Lt / S.Lt Robert Love Alexander.

WW2 Royal Navy Officer's Dirk of A/S.Lt / S.Lt Robert Love Alexanderimage AE27 1

Sold Item Notice

Robert Love Alexander was a consummate British RN submarine officer during WW2. (WW2 history here) including his participation against Tirpitz and several German U-Boats, as well as both German & Japanese merchant shipping. A/S.Lt. 1st Sep 1933, S.Lt. 1st May 1934, Lt. 1 May 1936, Lt.Cdr. 1st May 1943, Cdr. 31st Dec 1946, Capt. 31st Dec 1952, Rear-Admiral 7th Jul 1962 , Ret. 3rd Jun 1965. Here is his sword.

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The 17 3/4 inch blade is good except some patina rust patches and firm in the hilt. The hilt good, some tarnish. The fishskin grip is good but for a small patch; grip wire bindings very good. The leather and brass fittings scabbard is aged but good, although it has dry shrunk a little to the extent it does not full sheath. The dirk sheathes and draws well. The locking pin works well but does not locate into the scabbard lock due to the shrinkage.

A good dirk and for a famous Royal Navy officer. Well worth £? (too late, now sold). Please quote reference AE27 (0780). Further / full sized images available upon request).

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