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Shinshinto Shobu Zukuri Wakizashi, Tachibana Yasuhiro, For Sale

In good polish, a Shinshinto Shobu Zukuri Wakizashi, signed Bitchu no Kami Tachibana Yasuhiro in ShiraSaya.

Shinshinto Shobu Zukuri Wakizashi, signed Bitchu no Kami Tachibana Yasuhiro

Sales enquiries

There were three generations of (Settsu) Yasuhiro, two were very high ranking. Normally they would include a Kiku mon, as they were entitled, but this blade has none. So it is either an early, pre-Kiku award blade, or possibly a tribute blade made by another smith; we suspect it was made by one of the 3 true / original generations because it is exceptionally high quality. The blade has virtually no ware (just one tiny forging "wriggle" line) and a tiny twin fukure (carbon spot / blister); absolutely nothing in comparison with most blades. Plus the Mokume Hada (grain) is absolutely superb.

Despite the fact we believe this blade was made by a master, we are selling it as a high quality wakizashi in very good condition and priced accordingly, but we suspect this could we be the bargain of a lifetime for someone.

Bitchu no Kami Tachibana Yasuhiro (see details after photos below)

The 17 5/16 inch cutting edge (Nagasa) blade is in very good condition. There are a couple of patina spots but we believe nothing major. The shira saya appears to be quite old and is coming apart a little at the seams; we glued tsuka (handle) back together.

A truly lovely blade. A real investment at £1200. Please quote item reference AE23. Further / full sized images upon request. Box 0715-82 (1.423).

Smiths signing "bitchu no kami tachibana yasuhiro"

Yasuhiro 1st Generation
H/TT/FS Ratings: 60 / 300 / Chu-jo saku

Yasuhiro 2nd Generation
H/TT/FS Ratings: 15 / 250 / Chu-jo saku

Yasuhiro 3rd Generation
H/TT/FS Ratings: 15 / /

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