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Peninsular War / Waterloo Royal Welsh Fusiliers Officers Sword, Sold

A rare 1803 Pattern Peninsular War / Waterloo Royal Welsh Fusiliers Officers Sword by Prosser.

1803P Peninsular War / Waterloo Royal Welsh Fusiliers Officers Swordimage AD77 1

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Bearing the badge of the "Royal Welch Fuzileers", the original 1723 spelling, this is such a rare sword, and almost certainly has seen action during the Peninsular War or 100 Days War (Waterloo), or both, as the Royal Welsh Fusiliers fought in both. This sword probably was at Waterloo.

image AD77 2

image AD77 3 Royal Welch Fuzileers

The 30 inch blade has period nicks and other damage, plus some small pitting patches, plus a steady patina throughout. Blade is a little loose in the hilt. The hilt has some gilt remaining and is overall good. The fishskin grip is quite good except for the section under the pommel which is gone (this is very common with swords that have been held and used as this is where the most grip pressure is applied). The twisted grip wire bindings are mostly gone. The leather of the scabbard is aged, cracked and floppy but sound. The top brass scabbard fitting has a little sectional loss, the chape / drag has a slightly greater sectional loss. The sword sheathes and draws well.

Such a rare sword with almost guaranteed Napoleonic Wars provenance. Yours for £? (tot late, now sold). Please quote item reference AD77 (0585). Further / full sized images available upon request.

image AD77 4

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