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19c Indian Dhal Shield with Chhuri Didkhami Dagger, for sale

In good condition, a chiseled 19c Indian Dhal Shield with engraved 19C Chhuri Didkhami Dagger.

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19th Century Indian steel Dhal shield, chiseled decoration of Elephants and Warriors with four
raised bosses, the back with four loops for handle attachment, complete with original knuckle cushion; 45cm in diameter. Associated Chhuri Didkhami dagger with 22cm blade decorated with animals. Formerly the property of a Captain in the British Army who served in India just prior to WW2 (associate photos as shown below; not photo of Indian soldier holding the shield). All in good condition, a little aged, the dagger blade with some rust pitting towards the tip. Blade firm in grip.

What a great pair. Yours, both for £500. Please quote item reference AD43. Full sized / further images available upon request. Box 0503-48x46x16 (2.678).

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