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1917M Winchester US Infantry Bayonet, converted, sold

Converted into a knife, a scarce 1917M Winchester US Infantry Bayonet.

1917M Winchester US Infantry Bayonet, converted

Sold Item Notice

Wanted a 1917M Winchester US Infantry Bayonet in good unconverted condition? The blade of this converted bayonet is in excellent condition and could be removed and then fitted into a standard Remington bayonet hilt and scabbard. Bottom line, the blade alone is worth what we are asking.

Blade length 16 5/8 inches. Blade in very good condition and firm. Wooden grip sections with wear. The nozzle ring removed. The securing mechanism removed and filled in. The scabbard with damage. Sheathes and draws well. Price: £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference AC94 (0390). Full sized images available upon request.

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