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18C / 19C Indo-Marathi Pata Gauntlet Sword, sold

In overall very good condition, an 18C / 19C Indo-Marathi Pata Gauntlet Sword.

18C / 19C Indo-Marathi Pata Gauntlet Swordimage AC55 1

Sold Item Notice

With faux Passau Running Wolf and orb with cross European markings to blade (European blades were highly regarded in India, which is ironic as the Indians often actually made better grade blades).

image AC55 2

image AC55 3

The 34 3/4 inch blade is in good condition and firm in the hilt (only very slight movement which is very form for one of these swords as they do not have the tang in a solid hilt / grip like normal swords). The hilt is in very good condition. This 18C / 19C Indo-Marathi Pata Gauntlet Sword is 48 inches long overall.

This is a great example, truly. Yours for £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference AC55 (0308). Further / full sized photos available upon request.

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