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Waterloo Scottish Infantry Officer's Basket Hilted Broadsword, Sold

In good overall condition, a 1798 Pattern Waterloo era Scottish Infantry Officer's Basket Hilted Broadsword.

1798 Pattern Waterloo era Scottish Infantry Officer's Basket Hilted Broadswordimage AC43 1

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A good example of this Waterloo era Scottish Highland officer's broadsword, with true fighting blade and with remains of etching; the blade with nicks to cutting edge. Quite possibly saw action during the Napoleonic Wars, perhaps even Waterloo as this was the official pattern for Scottish Highland infantry officers.

image AC43 0

The 33 3/8 inch blade is in overall good condition (some nicks, the very end of the tip damaged, etching feint) and firm in the hilt. The brass hilt with a good steady patina. The hilt with several breaks (some repaired) and a bar missing (these hilts were / are so prone to damage). The grip with wear and tear, but overall sound.

This is actually a very nice example of this iconic sword, the blade especially; yours for £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference AC43 (0281). Further / full sized photos available upon request.

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