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1908P Mole WW1 British Cavalry Trooper's Sword, Sold

In good condition, a Mole made 1908 pattern British cavalry trooper's sword, dated 1912, plus leather scabbard.

1908P Mole British Cavalry Trooper's Sword, 1912, leather scabbardimage AC05 1

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Unusual to find the 1908P with a leather scabbard (leather scabbards were normally used by officers). This sword also has the remnants of khaki camouflage to the bowl guard. Perhaps this was a sergeants sword. Perhaps this was one used by an active cavalry regiment (most were retrained as machine gunners as cavalry had limited use in World War 1).

image AC05 2

image AC05 3

The 35 inch blade is in good condition and firm in the hilt. The bowl guard hilt is also very good (these normally have damage, especially near the pommel). Grip aged but good. The leather scabbard has clearly been stood on its end over the years, and the chape / drag is consequently split / bent / folded. But generally, the scabbard is good and the sword sheathes and draws well.

A great example of this iconic British World War One sword. A great acquisition for just £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference AC05 (0154). Further / full sized pictures available upon request.

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