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1811M Blucher Sabre - Prussian Schlesisches Hussars, dated 1831, Sold

In good condition, a scarce original 1811 model Prussian cavalry trooper's Blucher sabre, with earlier style markings for the Schlesisches Hussars.

1811M Blucher Sabre - Prussian Schlesisches Hussars, dated 1831image AC03 1

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Forget the later large Reserve regiment markings to the langet on the hilt (and top of the scabbard), the original much smaller markings are on the quillon; "33 S 1"; weapon 33 of the Schlesisches Hussars. The 33 weapon number is repeated on the spine of the blade next to the date, 1831. The scabbard is a later marriage, probably done a long time after in some stores, but it too has the older small sized markings (illegible) to the upper suspension band. Like most swords and scabbards, these saw service with regular cavalry regiments before being passed down to reserve artillery munitions etc. regiments as new models appeared for the front line cavalry regiments.

image AC03 2

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The 32 inch blade is in very good condition and firm in the hilt. The hilt with some pitting but very sound. The grip overall good but with a small tear. The scabbard also very good and despite being a later marriage with both throat tension screws missing, the sword sheathes and draws very well.

A nice regimentally marked example; yours for only £?. Please quote item reference AC03 (0181). Further / full sized images available upon request.

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