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19C Ottoman (Turkish) / Persian Shamshir, sold

In quite good condition for its age, a scarce 19C Ottoman (Turkish) / Persian Shamshir.

19C Ottoman (Turkish) / Persian Shamshir

Sales enquiries

The blade appears to be wootz steel but someone has "cleaned" it with emery paper; some tender TLC is therefore a good idea to bring out the metal's characteristics. The pommel (metal cap at end of grip) is loose; most likely it can be repositioned and glued. That and the aging / wear is the worst of it, the best of it is this is a scarce sword at a very good price.

The 31 inch blade is sound and firm in the hilt. The ivory grip pieces have age cracks, as you would expect. The scabbard is very aged but sound. The sword sheathes and draws well.

Oh look, these normally go for a fortune. Be very happy that you can but this one for only £? (too late, now sold) and give it some TLC to realize a great buy and investment. Please quote item reference number AB23 (0076). Further / full sized pictures available upon request.


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