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Rare Edward 8th British Royal Engineer Officer's Sword, Sold

In good to very good condition, a rare Edward VIII British Royal Engineer officer's Sword.

Rare Edward 8th British Royal Engineer Officer's Swordimage AB08 1

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Due to the fact King Edward VIII was only British monarch for a few months before he abdicated to marry an American Divorcee (Mrs. Wallis Simpson), because he was monarch during a time of peace (1936), very few Edward 8th swords were made. Because he was disgraced in many people's eyes, and in order to comply with convention (to have the correct monarch's cypher on the sword guard / hilt), most officers had their blades rehilted. So, very, very few Edward VIII swords exist, and this one of the few.

image AB08 2

The 32 3/8 inch blade is in very good condition, some surface rust spots, some scuffing, not much. Blade firm in the hilt. The guard with Edward VIII cypher in good condition, some light pitting spots; not much / many. Grip with some age but overall very good, as are the twisted grip wire bindings. Leather field service scabbard in good condition, some scuffs, the frog loop stitching going to obverse but scabbard stitching all good. The sword sheathes and draws well.

Try finding another Edward 8th Royal Artillery officer's sword and then you will know £? (too late, now sold) is a great prices. Please quote item reference number AB08 (0079). Further / full sized images upon request.

image AB08 3

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