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English Civil War (1642-1651) Officer's Mortuary Sword, sold

In very good condition for its age, a rare English Civil War (1642-1651) Officer's Mortuary Sword, with earlier 16th Century blade.

English Civil War (1642-1651) Officer's Mortuary Sword, earlier bladeimage AA96 1

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The langets cover the truth. The blade is marked "SAHAGVM" for Alonso de Sahagún, el viejo, the Elder, a legendary Spanish swordsmith, active from 1570 to 1599. Alongside this however is a late 16th Century Passau Wolf which, while tying in nicely with the time Sahagun was making swords, the Passau Wolf is a Germanic blade mark. Now, a lot of later bladesmiths used the name Sahagun / Sahagvm on their blades, the same way that many put the name of Andrea Ferara on theirs, to make a statement of quality. But, as the Passau Wolf is late 16th Century and of the same era as Sahagun, this may well be an exceptionally rare and valuable Alonso de Sahagún blade. The truth would be declared by a maker's mark, exactly where the langets cover! Who would dare bend the langets or remove the hilt of the sword to look and see? Certainly, not me! In any event, whether it be a Germanic sword maker or the legendary Sahagún himself, this is an exceptionally fine and well above average example of an English Civil War mortuary sword, made even more appealing by clearly period nicks to the cutting edge; this sword has been used.

This is an exceptional museum grade sword; many so-called Mortuary swords you find elsewhere are proto swords, or Mortuary swords with later blades.

image AA96 2 Sahagvm Alonso de Sahagun

image AA96 3 late 16th Century Passau Wolf Mark

The 30 1/4 inch blade is in good condition, the markings worn / feint but still legible. The blade is not perfectly straight but really not that bad; it has a slight wobble towards the point which it may well have after battle. Several period nicks to the blade which is firm in the hilt. The hilt again worn but exceptionally good. Amazingly, the fishskin twisted grip wire and Turk's Head ferrules are all present and correct, if a little aged and tarnished.

You are unlikely to find a better Mortuary sword under £5000, so our price of £2500 is an absolute steal. And, who knows, this may be an exceptionally rare and valuable Alonso de Sahagún blade. Please quote item reference AA96 (0072). Further / full sized images available upon request.

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