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1892P Victorian Royal Household Army Officer's Sword, Sold

In good condition, an exceptionally rare (if not the only) 1892P Victorian Royal Household Army Officer's Sword.

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Sold Item Notice

Rare: This is an 1892 pattern British infantry officer's sword, a variation of the 1845/54 "Gothic Hilt" Pattern but with the 1892 "dumb bell blade" (rare because most 1892P's were converted into 1895/1897P's which used the same blade but a new half basket steel hilt). Very rare: The scabbard has the suspension rings removed and a frog button added, plus comes with its original ceremonial dress sash. So the sword was never worn from a belt, only ever a sash. The brass (rather than steel) scabbard shows senior adjutant rank, the ranks below General rank. This sword was almost certainly worn by an officer serving in the British Victorian Royal Household and we know his initials, "H. H. B." as they are inked on the inside of the sash. The blade is etched to tailor / retailer "Smith & Son, Eastgate Row, Chester", so the officer should be researchable.

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The 32 3/4 inch blade is longer than most infantry blades (normally 32 to 32 1/4 Inch blades, which again indicates the sword was made to be worn with a sash due to the increased height of the sword as opposed to when worn with a belt). Blade in good condition, the etching still crisp, and all firm in the hilt. The hilt was most likely gilted originally, but all gilt has gone, just now showing brass. The fishskin grip is good overall but there is a small part missing and quite a bit of wear. The twisted grip wire bindings are loose and with some strands missing in places. The brass scabbard is overall good; the sword sheathes and draws well. The sash is in aged but good condition.

Don't miss this one, there will never be another. Yours for £xxx (too late, now sold - original sales price divulged for small fee). Please quote item reference number AA58 (0044). Full sized / additional photos available upon request.

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