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1840 Model Spanish Infantry Briquet Sword, Toledo, 1902, Sold

In very good condition, an 1840 Model Spanish Infantry Briquet Sword, marked to Toledo in 1902.

1840 Model Spanish Infantry Briquet Sword, Toledo, 1902image AA42 1

Sold Item Notice

Please note: We have left the sword knot that we bought this briquet with, but it is not a Spanish sword knot (most likely a British infantry sword knot). As we do not know if there is any historical significance to this, or whether someone just added a sword knot, we left it on. There are no other markings on this sword to indicate it was sold to another country. So our presumption is that the sword stayed in Spanish military service, possibly coming out of the country in the 1930's.

image AA42 2 Arta Faba de Toledo 1902

The 69 cm blade in very good condition, marked "Arta Faba de Toledo 1902", firm in the hilt. The brass hilt good. The leather and brass fittings scabbard aged but sound. The sword sheathes and draws a little tightly (due to leather shrinkage) but well enough. The sword in its scabbard has clearly been dropped on its (the scabbrd's) point at some stage; both the scabbard and blade tip a little damaged (not very much).

A nice example in well above average condition. Priced to sell at only £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference number AA42 0036). Further / full sized images upon request.

image AA42 3

image AA42 4

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