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1821 Patt British Royal Horse Artillery Trooper's Sword, sold

In good condition, a scarce British Royal Horse Artillery trooper's sabre / sword, Crimean War provenance.

1821 Patt British Royal Horse Artillery Trooper's Swordimage AA41 1

Sales enquiries

A Woolley, Sargant & Fairfax (1826 - 1834) made sword with later Enfield made 1821P replacement scabbard marked 1849 (the original scabbard likely became "unserviceable"). Clear evidence that the Royal Horse Artillery were still using the 1821P during the Crimean War (not the 1853P - it was about half and half between these two models) from photographs of Sergeant Major James Beardsley, 'C' troop of the Royal Horse Artillery taken in Aldershot July 1856, after the Crimean War, wearing a three bar 1821P like this one. The scabbard for this sword bearing "RHA D 172" (weapon 172 of D troop of the Royal Horse Artillery).

image AA41 2 Woolley Sargant Fairfax

image AA41 3

The 35 inch blade has endured a long, hard service life and it shows. Apart from the aging / rusting (now cleaned) that has removed the inspection marks (some feint markings still visible with careful close study) and made the maker's name feint, the tip (period sharpened) has clearly found its mark as there is a slight wobble to it, and sure signs of wear through sharpening, plus a few period nicks. This sword has the authentic aged signs of having been used in combat. Blade firm in the hilt, equally lightly pitted from former rust damage, nut still very sound. The grip with clear signs of wear, and a couple of worm holes (no extra charge for these), but still sound and with most of the original leather intact. The more recent scabbard in better condition than the sword. The sword sheathes and draws well.

A great and honest (again, these swords had long and arduous service lives and those that do not reflect this in their condition are not honest examples for mainstream regiments like the RHA). Yours for £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference number AA41 (0034). Further / large images available upon request.

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