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WW2 Japanese Army Officer's Sword (Shin Gunto), sold

A WW2 Imperial Japanese army officer's shin gunto katana with capture / war trophy presentation plaque, in overall good condition.

WW2 Japanese Army Officer's Sword (Shin Gunto)image AA24 1

Sold Item Notice

The presentation plaque reads "'Presented to CPL K.W Lawson RASC by HQBMA Malaya 1945". The tang is unsigned and unmarked, with 3 menuki holes and appears to have been shortened (the tang, not the blade itself), which implies an older blade. It is hard to tell, as the blade is in reasonable aged condition only.

image AA24 2

image AA24 3

The 26 1/4 inch blade (measured from habaki inset to point) is in fair aged condition. The tsuka (hilt) is in good condition overall. The blade a little loose in the tsuka, mainly down to the habaki (little brass blade collar) being split part of the way. The leather covered combat saya / scabbard is in good order. The sword sheathes and draws well.

Nice to have the presentation plaque and potential for an earlier family blade for only £xxx (too late, now sold - we will divulge the original sales price for a small fee). Please quote item reference AA24 (0016). Further / full sized images upon request.

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