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French 1767M Naval Officer's Sword, Sold

In sound condition, a French 1767M army / navy officer's sword with evidence that it was a British capture from a French naval officer circa 1793.

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Sold Item Notice

We are certain this is a French naval officer's sword, not an army officer's, as it came with some historical beliefs and a British naval officer's cutlass from the same family. Could this be the long lost sword of Captain Jean Mullon of the French Frigate Cléopâtre, captured by the British in the Action of June 18th 1793? Further deliberation / reasoning below. But these small swords were popular with French naval officers and this very same model is shown in "Borders Away" by William Gilkerson as being the exact same sword model held by Captain Jean Mullon as he lie dying from his injuries.

The sword has a Latin inscription down the central fuller which we can not determine.

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The 28 1/4 inch blade is aged but sound, though the tip is a little bent. The hilt is generally good / sound but one of the Pas d'ane rings is broken, though still present. The blade is firm in the hilt.

Because this sword came with a cutlass and a tale that the family believed they both had been taken from a captured French vessel (they thought the cutlass was also French) makes it possible this is the lost sword of Captain Jean Mullon. If there were solid provenance, this sword would be worth a lot, lot more of course. But as it is, it came with a French naval officer's cutlass, from England where it had been for many years, so it is quite likely it was a capture (the British did capture a lot of French ships). Could this be Captain Jean Mullon's sword and the cutlass that of one of the British naval officers from that day?

In any event, this is an evocative and well priced investment! Yours for just £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference AA04 (0003). Further / full sized images upon request.

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