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WW2 Japanese NCO's Shin Gunto Katana, Sold

In very good condition and with matching serial numbers to the blade and saya (scabbard), a guaranteed authentic WW2 Japanese NOC's Shin Gunto Katana, early war serial number.

WW2 Japanese NCO's Shin Gunto Katanaimage AA02 1

Sold Item Notice

Serial number 58696, so early war, probably 1939/40, yet still in very good condition. This 1935 model (type 95) Imperial Japanese non-commissioned officer's katana has been period sharpened. Guaranteed authentic, with the correct Kokura arsenal markings to the blade and fuchi (copper collar / ferrule).

image AA02 2

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The 26 3/8 inch cutting edge blade (excludes habaki) is in very good condition; some patina spots but not many. A tiny bit of movement in the hilt. The hilt retains much of its war time copper brown paint given its age. Period black painted saya / scabbard in good order with matching serial number to blade. The sword sheathes and draws well, and the saya securing catch mechanism works well.

A well above average example that has seen a great deal of WW2 time wise, if not battle wise. Grab it quick! Yours for just £xxx (too late - now sold - original sales price revelaed for small fee). Please quote item reference AA02 (0002). Further / full sized images upon request.

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