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Unsigned Shinto Era Hirazukuri Tanto (sold).

In good overall condition, a Shinto era tanto, unsigned, complete with companion kozuka knife

image A91 Shinto era hirazukuri tanto

Sold Item Notice

In good overall condition, the 10 inch (includes habaki area)Hiraukuri (flat sided) blade has some age clouding to both sides, but the very dynamic Sambon-sugi hamon is still distinct; I am certain this tanto would be exceptional with a professional polish. There are a couple of small hallow ware (forging lines) to one side of the blade, but nothing too much. A truly great investment opportunity. We would be happy to put the buyer in touch with a high quality blade polisher in the UK if of help. Full sized / additional photos available upon request. Item reference number is A91 (476).

image A91 1

image A91 2

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