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WW2 German Luftwaffe Officer's Presentation Dagger, sold

In superb condition, a Paul Weyersberg Solingen made German WW2 Luftwaffe 2nd Pattern dagger with damascened blade awarded to Feldwebel Hans Krupp for special bravery in aerial combat.

Sales enquiries

100% authentic and correct etched damascened pattern bladed 2nd Pattern Luftwaffe presentation dagger awarded to flight sergeant Hans Krupp; this lower ranks presentation dagger has none of the senior officer gold leaf work to the raised eagles, swastikas and wording on the blade. 25cm blade etched with the airman's name between swastika holding Nazi eagles one side, "fur besondere Tapferkeit im Luftkampf." (for special bravery in aerial combat)" and Herman Göring's signature below the maker's mark the other side. My limited research indicates Hans Krupp was a successful German airman, achieved the rank of flight lieutenant and received other awards for bravery; I think here lies a superb opportunity for someone to do research. Truly, these rare fine daggers can easily sell for twice the price ask for here; just £xxx (too late). Full sized images available upon request. Item reference A89 (470)






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