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Napoleonic French An XIII Heavy Cavalry Sword (sold)

In superb condition, dated January 1814, a Napoleonic French Cuirassier's sword with scabbard and knot.

Napoleonic French An XIII Heavy Cavalry Swordimage A83 2

Sold Item Notice

This is probably the best condition pre-Waterloo An XIII heavy cavalry sword I have held. Klingenthal made, dated January 1814, a few months before the epic battle. As it was made while Napoleon was "enjoying" his first exile, the blade is one of the rarer type marked "Royale" rather than "Imperiale", but be of no doubt this mighty sword was once held by one of Napoleon's feared Cuirassiers, part of the Grand Armée. The inspection marks (poinçons) on the blade's forte confirming the date on the spine, the poinçons of Borson, Bick and Lobstein. This is absolutely 100% authentic, 100% guaranteed.

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The superb 95.8 spear pointed twin fullered blade is a little worn here and there, but in exceptionally good condition overall. Firm in the hilt, the brass hilt has some age patina (discoloring) which is easily cleaned but I would personally leave as is. The leather and twisted wire grip is about as good as it gets. The swords sheathes and draws very well. The authentic French leather sword is a great bonus.

These swords are now especially difficult to source as collectors simply do not give them up. So to have a chance at such a great condition item is a very rare event indeed, and this sword will only appreciate in value if well kept. Well worth every penny. Reference number A83. Full sized / further images available upon request.

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