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19th Century Moroccan Jambiya / Kouminya (sold)

A very good 19th Century Moroccan Jambiya (kouminya) with silver work to hilt.

image A79 19th Century Silver Moroccan Koummya Jambiya

Sold Item Notice

This is a well above average Moroccan kouminya with superb 9 1/2 inch blade made for use, and solid silver (as well as brass) work to the hilt and scabbard / sheath. The blade is sharp and sheathes / draws like a dream, like an authentic kouminya should. Some of the silver work to the hilt has come off, but not too much, and it looks the part very much. The detailing is excellent. You will not be disappointed. Full sized images available upon request. Item reference number: A79 (532)

image A79 1

image A79 2

image A79 3

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