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18th Century Eastern European / Balkans / Caucasian Karabella, sold

A rare Hasburg Empire probably Balkans army officer's Karabella, circa 1795, with original scabbard and silver Maria Theresia Taler for shoe / drag.

18th Century Eastern European / Balkans / Caucasian Karabellaimage A61 4

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Most probably a Hasburg Balkans officer's sabre, with a Solingen blade with typical flared point, circa 1795, with Vienna struck Maria Theresia Taler silver coin (Hafner type H17 or H19) for the scabbard drag; these silver coins were used as currency throughout the region. It is likely therefore that the scabbard fittings are all silver. The scabbard is unusual also in that it has 4 suspension rings, two directly opposed to the other two. This was either to provide suspension for left as well as right handed officers, or possibly to strap the scabbard to the leg or back, or possibly to allow for different preferences of holding the sabre.

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The 28 inch blade is period sharpened, in good order apart from some patina patches, and firm in the hilt. The single back fuller, flared point and crescent moon with stars markings show this to be a Solingen (Prussian) made blade, as was common. The hilt is aged but sound. I suspect all the white metal sections are silver of one grade or another. The scabbard felt is as seen; the wooden scabbard base is a little rickety but overall sound. The sword sheathes and draws well. A very rare piece and especially good value at £? (too late, now sold). Further / full sized pictures available upon request. The item reference number is A61 - Box 417-1.









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