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19th Century Yogyakarta Naga Bladed Keris with Jewelled Cup, sold

An exceptional Yogyakarta keris with tiger naga blade and jewelled, possibly diamond and gold cup.

image A28 19c Yogyakarta Keris Naga Blade Jewelled cup

Sold Item Notice

This is an exceptional keris. I was told the clear stones in the hilt cup are real diamonds and set into gold. I do not believe that, but the settings are exceptionally good and the price I am offering this keris is based on them being faux, but you may be especially lucky. I have scoured the specialist keris sites and can not find such a fine example for anything short of five figures (USD), which I think is unrealistic but just goes to show how much these items can and possibly do sell for elsewhere. This absolutely would be an exceptional museum piece, let alone for a private collector.

image A28 01

The 14 inch blade has a very good pamor and it firm in the hilt. The jewelled cup has exceptional golden filigree work, so that I tend to believe it may well be real gold. The stones, whether they be glass (I do not think so), or zirconas or diamonds are all present; the settings are very well done. The original scabbard with its silver metal sheath is decorated with deer, serpents and foliage; there is one small kink in the metalwork. An exceptional keris at an exceptionally low price. Further / full-sized pictures available upon request. Item reference number A28 (522).

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