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Black Watch / Royal Highlanders / 42nd Regt Foot Piper's Dirk (sold)

In very aged condition, a pre-1881 piper's dirk marked to the (Royal) Highlanders / 42nd Regiment of Foot, the regiment of the Black Watch.

image 999 42nd Regiment of Foot Highlanders pipers dirk

Sold Item Notice

Yes it is very worn with silver studs, bits of bog oak and the queen's crown missing. But this is such a rare piper's dirk. The ferrule cast with the name "Highlanders", the reverse marked "42nd 35" (35th dirk of the 42nd Regiment of foot), the 12 inch blade with feint traces of the once proud etching and inspection mark "B3" under crown. Sure it is old and shows it, but not many people have one! Further / full sized pictures available upon request. The item reference number is 999 (510).

image 999 Victorian Black Watch Dirk pre 1881

image 999 Royal Highlanders

image 999






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