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Prussian Model 1811 Blucher Cavalry Trooper's Sabre, sold

With firm Waterloo provenance, this 1811 model Prussian Blucher was carried by a trooper in the 12th Horse Artillery Battery (regiment).

Prussian Model 1811 Blucher Cavalry Trooper's Sabreimage 997 1

Sold Item Notice

A very good Napoleonic Blucher 1811M, this one with markings on the langets to the Prussian Mounted Battery 12 (Artillerie Munitions 12) commanded by Captain Jenichen which was an integral part of the Prussian 4th Army Corps which saw very active service at Waterloo. The scabbard is marked originally to Artillerie Munitions 6 who were also at Waterloo as part of the 2nd Army Corps.

image 997 2

I have only ever seen Napoleonic 1811M Bluchers with these "A. M." markings, always with mismatched scabbards. It is my belief most light cavalry troopers of the Prussian Army carried British 1796 pattern cavalry sabres, which the 1811M is a virtual copy of, though slightly more sturdy. It is known that Prussia started to make their own variant of the British 1796P due to weapon shortages. So perhaps this explains why it is seemingly always mounted artillery marked examples I come across.

As you can see, an Italic "R" has been prefixed to the original "A M 12". This denotes "Reservist" and happened when the sabre was semi-retired. The original markings read "A M 12 2" and then "143", the later being the rack / sabre number within the battery. When the sabre was semi-retired, I suspect it was then that sabres and scabbards were mismatched; I suspect the quartermaster took the best sabres and the best scabbards and put them together. Still, it is very nice to know that both sabre and scabbard were at Waterloo on the day.

The 32 inch blade is in very good order, though with plenty of aging / patina; it is also firm in the hilt. The hilt and grip are also aged but very good and solid. The heavy steel scabbard is very good and the sabre sheathes and draws well, though a little sticky at the end when sheathing (better than being loose). A truly fantastic, well made, well above average example.

Because of the provenance, this sword is worth every penny. Further / full-sized pictures available upon request. Item reference number 997 (43)



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