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Presentation Saudi Arabian Saif Sabre with silver filigree scabbard (sold)

A rare Royal Saudi family presentation Arabian saif sabre, circa 1980, reputed to have been presented by the former Saudi King, Khalid bin Abdul Aziz.

image 994 saudi arabian presentation saif sabre

Sold Item Notice

These sabres are given out to honored guests, normally dignitaries, by the Saudi Royal Family (House of Saud). This one reputedly was handed out by King Khalid bin Abdul Aziz circa 1980, but I do not know to who (the seller was keen to protect that information). The silver filigree work on the scabbard and hilt is superb but highly dysfunctional as far as a weapon is concerned. The 32 1/2 inch blade is modern and I believe silver plated, as there is tarnishing typical with silver (rather than nickel or chrome).

image 994 1

The saif / sabre is housed in a velvet lined intricately inlaid presentation box. I do not think this is an item to take out of the box as the filigree work on the scabbard is prone to damage (one of the raised rosettes on the reverse side is a little bent, though could be restored). It is an item very much for showing off in the box. The box has some scuffing and knock marks to it commensurate with age and travel, but overall is in very good shape.

image 994 2

You often see saifs like this being presented by the Saudi royal family to visiting dignitaries, such as presidents and other heads of state, for example here is everyone's friend President George W Bush Jnr with one. So I do not know how on earth this one came to be available on the market, but none have been reported stolen as far as I am aware. I can virtually guarantee you will never get a chance at owning one of these ever again. So I think you have a bargain, and can spin the yarn about how yours is better than GWB's! Full sized images available upon request. My item reference number is 994 (416)

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