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WW2 Japanese Naval Officer's Kai-Gunto, signed Noriyoshi, sold

In good condition, a WW2 Imperial Japanese naval officer's kai-gunto katana / sword, signed Noriyoshi.

WW2 Japanese Naval Officer's Kai-Gunto, signed Noriyoshiimage 979 1

Sold Item Notice

Raising the prospect this is a gendaito blade (though I do not believe so), this naval officer's kai gunto has no arsenal stamp to the tang.

image 979 2

image 979 3

The 67.5 cm (cutting edge) katana length blade is in very good order with a straight hamon. The saya is rayskin but it has dried and thereby shrunk a little, showing a gap along the joint. The hilt bindings are complete but have moved a little, so needs someone with a little time and patience to get them looking 100%. Other that this, it is a very fine sword indeed. Further / full sized images upon request. Our item reference number is 979 (413).

Our thanks to Simon Magata who has provided the following information;

According to Encyclopedia of Japanese sword smiths by von Markus Sesko, the swordsmiths real name was: Nakagawa Nakanosuke and he studied in 1908 under Fujita Akiyoshi. Iin 1936 he then opened his own forgerey and worked as a Rikugun-Jumei-Tosho under the name Noriyoshi.

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