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Circa 1720 Scottish Highland Officer's Basket Hilted Broadsword (sold)

A very good early 18th Century Scottish basket hilted broadsword with earlier blade (circa 1610).

Circa 1720 Scottish Highland Officer's Basket Hilted Broadsword image 977 1

Sold Item Notice

A lovely basket hilted broadsword with earlier Prussian blade. The rounded basket hilt and lack of a half back bar date the hilt to around 1720. The crab like markings were used in Prussia since 1500 (and also Italy at a later date) but the "P" almost certainly means the blade was made around 1610. So, as was very common in Scotland, the blade originally would have been in an earlier hilt and was then remounted. Quality blades were important to the Scots and many English soldiers mounted captured Scottish blades into their own English sword hilts after the Jacobite Uprising (Culloden).

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The fine and deadly 33 inch blade is in very good order, a little wear and former rust patches sure, but you can how sound it is by the clarity of the markings. The blade is form in the hilt. The hilt has some minor damage to one of the smaller bars and the crown of the basket does move against the pommel, but that is to be expected and it is not that much. The fishskin grip is still very good, which is a great bonus to hold what the original owner once did. All things Scottish sell well and appreciate in price; this is one of the better Culloden / pre-Culloden swords you can buy. Reference number is 977 (409). Full sized / further images available upon request.

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