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Circa 1730 Scottish Highland Backsword, Andria Farara (sold)

An interesting early 18C Scottish backsword in good condition with rare variant blade spelling of "Andria Farara (no "e") associated with Rob Roy.

Circa 1730 Scottish Highland Backsword, Andria Fararaimage 975 1

Sold Item Notice

This lovely basket hilted backsword was one of three I bought from the estate of a well known militaria author and collector (can give name by email only as I do not have permission to publish it). The extended quillon back section very 1730's. The blade has the very rare version of the name "Andria Farara" with a "crown" or rather Italian style markings which many people say is the sign of a genuine Farara / Ferara. I do not think the blade is that old, though I suspect it is older than the hilt. But what is really interesting is that "Farara" (rather than "Ferara") is associated often with Rob Roy's swords.

image 975 Andria Farara

So, there is a small chance this is an original Farara / Ferara blade and / or that the owner was or knew Rob Roy! In any event, this is a lovely sword. The 34 1/2 inch blade is firm in the hilt, the hilt is in very good order / sound, though is can slip off the pommel a little. The leather grip I believe is original and in fair condition. There remains a small section of the original hilt liner. Something to watch appreciate and talk abou. My reference number is 975. Full sized / further images available upon request.

image 975 3

image 975 2


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