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Napoleonic English 15th Hussars Officer's Mameluke Sabre, sold

An exceptionally rare 15th Hussars officer's mameluke, very early 19C, wootz steel blade, in good condition.

Napoleonic English 15th Hussars Officer's Mameluke Sabreimage 964 1

Sold Item Notice

The 15th (The King's) Regiment of (Light) Dragoons (Hussars) served in both the Peninsular and 100 Days Napoleonic wars. This mameluke sabre may not be as fancy as the Victorian era mamelukes worn by the 15th Hussars, but it is rarer and even more valuable to Napoleonic and wootz steel blade collectors alike. The unmarked wootz steel blade indicates it was bought at the beginning of the 19th Century. The special pattern ivory grip is what shows it to be 15th Hussars; this pattern of grip is exclusive to them.

image 964 2 wootz

The wootz steel came from India, and was prized for its strength over British blades of the time. This "fashion" of acquiring wootz steel Indian blades was fairly common amongst several English hussar regiments after the so-called "Egyptian campaign" of 1801 to 1802, and in part forced the introduction of the mameluke as an official pattern of officer's sword. It is possible this sabre was used either as a dress sword or even on campaign, as the blade is of superior steel to wider European made blades. IN any event, it is an especially rare sword and was worn by one of England's finest cavalry officers during the Napoleonic Wars.

image 964 3 wootz

The 32 1/2 inch blade, double edged for the final quarter towards the point, was clearly sharp at one time. The blade clearly shows the wootz steel freckling, and is very attractive therefore with it. The blade has a couple of cutting edge nicks and is still firm in the hilt. The grips sections are ivory and complete, some cracking as to be expected. Two of the gilt florets are missing, but these can be made by skilled metal workers / jewelers. I suspect the ivory was crafted in England, though it doesn't really matter of course. I doubt you will ever see another one, so the price of £xxxx leaves a lot of potential for your investment to appreciate. Further / larger photos available upon request. Item reference number 964 (434).

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