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Javanese Kris / Keris with Pamor Tiban Kulit Semangka, Sold

This is an exceptionally good / well above average Indonesian keris with very fine blade and detail to the sheath, and in very good condition.

image 959 Javanese kris keris pamor tiban kulit semangka

Sold Item Notice

This is an exceptionally good keris / kris with superb pamor, and wonderful carved detail to the hilt. I do not know if this keris has any age because it is in such good condition, but I do not think the skill existed in recent times to produce such a fine item. The 35.5 cm blade is firm in the grip / hilt. The keris sheathes and draws well. Everything is good. Price: £? (too late, now sold). Further pictures available upon request. Item number 959 (506).

image 959 1

image 959 2

image 959 3

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