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Wilkinson Marked ERII Rifle Regiment Officer's Sword, Sold

In very condition, an ERII British rifle regiment officer's sword marked to Wilkinson.

Wilkinson Marked ERII Rifle Regiment Officer's Swordimage 941 1

Sold Item Notice

Q. When is an officer's Wilkinson Sword not a Wilkinson Sword?
A. When it does not have a serial number (many other makers used to put Wilkinson's name on their blades if their customers required this).

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This generally very fine Queen Elizabeth 2nd etched British rifle regiment officer's sword has the Wilkinson logo on the blade but no serial number, yet I believe it was made by Wilkinson. I bought it with two other Wilkinson's, an 1897P infantry officer's sword with serial number for 1974, and a horrible "commemorative" sword Wilkinson were once mad or desperate enough to make, all from the same man who swears be bought all three from Wilkinson's Acton factory in 1974. And I believe him.

image 941 3

This is a fine sword in great condition but the hilt detail / lines in one area are not perfect. I believe this is or was a second. Could it still be used for ceremonial purposes by a serving officer? Yes, I think so. I know of small portable electro-plating equipment and perhaps one of the many electro-plating service providers that have sprung up in the UK could improve upon it. but from a distance you would need a very critical eye to see this as anything other than a very fine sword with a superb blade. Everything else I have to say is very high quality and in very good condition.

image 941 4

The 32 1/2 inch blade is lovely and firm in the hilt. The hilt generally very good with the grip in very good order. The sword sheathes and draws well into / out of its nickel plated steel scabbard. The sword knot is good but brown; rifle regiment sword knots tend to be black. Still, a stunning ERII rifle regiment officer's sword is exceptionally good value. Further / full-sized pictures available upon request. Item reference number 941 (438)







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