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WW2 Japanese Shin Gunto Signed Mantetsu Dated Spring 1943, sold

One of the famous Mantetsu made shin guntos in very good order.

WW2 Japanese Shin Gunto Signed Mantetsu Dated Spring 1943image 931 1

Sold Item Notice

A One of the highest quality blades made during WW2 by the Dairen company. These blades are renowned for their cutting abilities. This is an original Mantetsu (not simply one made with the company's highest quality steel) denoted by the ra number on the spine (in this case 330), the dairen stamp, the original style signature "Mantetsu Kitau Tsukuru Kore", and the old style form of dating "Showa Mizunoto Hitsuji Haru" (Spring 1943).

Mantetsu Kitau Tsukuru Kore

Showa Mizunoto Hitsuji Haru

The 67 cm blade (excludes habaki) is in very good order, some spots and marks, but well above average. Everything firm and as it should be with the possible exception of the spring catch which does not hold the saya / scabbard well. The tang has the all important dairen stamp and ra number on the spine. Straight hamon with nioi.

I saw a similar sword sell on (buyer beware) eBay recently for $3552 USD, so my price of £xxx (approximately $yyy) is well under the market price. Further / full sized images upon request. My item reference number is 931 (405).

image 931 3

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