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Victorian British Light Cavalry Officer's Sword, Naval Themed, (Sold)

A stunning 1821P British cavalry officer's sword with the original owner's initials (C L) and naval themed etching to blade.

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Sold Item Notice

This is a beautiful sword with highly unusual etching for a cavalry officer; the blade is etched with the depiction of a ship leaving a fortified port; the ship styling much older. This is not a family crest or coat of arms but some private message or meaning to the officer whose initials were CL. Made in 1889 to 1896 by William Jones & Co of 7 Golden Square, London; one of the most historic and prestigious areas of the capital. Interestingly, there is no royal cypher, so it may be the sword of a well to do merchant seaman who preferred an alternative style of sword to the norm, or more likely (not least because the sword knot is cavalry) of a cavalry officer stationed or assigned to or serving with another country's cavalry regiment. As I bought the sword in England, I am fairly certain the original owner was indeed and Englishman. In any event, the sword was period sharpened, so the owner clearly expected he might be called upon to use the sword, not just wear it.

Naval theme etching

The 32 inch blade is lovely, exceptionally fine etching and in very good order with only a few slight light rust spots (most likely would "come out:"). The blade firm in the hilt. The hilt aged as is the scabbard but good and sound. The fishskin grip and twisted copper wire grip bindings are in very good order. The original sword knot is aged of course but sound and in relatively good condition for its age. The sword sheathes and draws exceptionally well.

One of the best examples you will find and maybe even more so if you can determine the original owner from the very unique etching and initials. Further / full sized images upon request. My item reference number is 927 (399)

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