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19th Century Cavalry Officer's Mameluke Sabre, Ivory Grips, sold

A fine, probably British or Dutch, possibly Portuguese cavalry officer's mameluke sabre, circa 1870, in good order.

19th Century Cavalry Officer's Mameluke Sabre, Ivory Grips

Sales enquiries

This is most likely an English cavalry officer's or possibly nobleman's mameluke sabre, circa 1870. I can not attest for sure it was carried by an Englishman, as there are no royal markings to the blade. Most likely made in India, the blade has a general pattern to it. However, the sabre is very fine, well made and I am sure was a deadly as much as a dress item. The blade which is typically double edged near the point is still sharp; the blade was period and very well sharpened. The sabre is good to hold and the scabbard of very high quality; it fits the mameluke like a glove.

The 30 inch blade is in good order, a little loose, not much, in the hilt. The ivory grips have typical age lines and a small section is lost each side. The small rosette decorative grip studs are all present.The sabre sheathes / draws well, though a little loose now indicating the original internal wood liners have partly or fully perished. The sabre is very elegant and yet clearly a weapon. I think this is exceptional value. Further / full sized images available upon request. My item reference number is 918 (394).











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