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1844-1847 Scottish Highland Infantry Sargeants Broadsword (sold)

Marked to Meyer & Mortimer Edinburgh, this otherwise plain bladed basket hilted broadsword is Mid Victorian and for a Sargeant.

1844-1847 Scottish Highland Infantry Sargeants Broadswordimage 913 1

Sold Item Notice

Mid-Victorian sargeant's broadswords like this are rare, what makes this one rarer is the good condition and the fact the blade is marked to an Edinburgh (and London) maker. I understand Meyer and Mortimer Edinburgh marked swords date to 1844 to 1847, which would very much tie in with the early to mid Victorian rounded bars of the basket hilt (later versions, the bars were more flattened).

image 913 Meyer Mortimer Edinburgh

The 31 1/2 inch claymore blade is plain other than the maker's mark, and in remarkably good condition for its age and the fact this is not an officer's sword (officer's swords tend to have less wear and have been kept by the officer's family). Blade is firm in the hilt. The hilt has some light pitting / patination, but is generally good. The fishskin grip is in pretty good order as well, as are the twisted grip wire bindings. The scarlet liner is in very aged condition, a few remnants of the tassel remaining. The black leather (for a sargeant) and steel fittings scabbard has lost its end, but still, to have the original is a big bonus.

These swords are rare and generally command a very high price. At £700 this is on the low side and a very good investment. Further / full sized photos available upon request. My reference number is 913 (393).

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