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Victorian British General's Mameluke, Thurkle, frosted etching (sold)

A very good Victorian British army general's mameluke sabre with frosted etching made by Thurkle.

Victorian British General's Mameluke, Thurkle, frosted etchingimage 905 1

Sold Item Notice

A rare frosted etch Victorian general officer's mameluke made by top maker Thurkle, blade in exceptionally good condition except for some rust pitting near the forte / ricasso. In fact, if you ignore the rust sections near the hilt, the blade is virtually in new condition. The maker mark indicating manufacture was 1876 to 1899. A well above average example.

image 905 2

image 905 3

Highly impressive 33 inch blade is firm in the hilt. The hilt with some copper oxide (bluing) to the gilt fittings but nicely aged look commensurate with the rest of the sword. The ivory grip sections both present and correct, with some cracking as you would expect from genuine ivory; one crack section glued. The little grip rosettes are all present and correct. The brass scabbard in good order except for one ding one side. The sword draws and sheathes well. The original sword knot very aged but a very welcome bonus. I feel this sword could be restored to near new condition, or just left as it is, which is very good anyway.

My reference number is 905 (382). Full sized / further images available upon request.

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