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1895P GV Scottish Highland Infantry Sargeant's Broadsword (sold)

An impressive 1895 pattern WW1 era George 5th Scottish highland infantry sargeant's broadsword in good condition.

1895 Pattern WW1 / George 5th Scottish Highland Infantry Sargeant's Broadswordimage 865 1

Sold Item Notice

An iconic sword and much rarer than the officer's version, this highland infantry sargeant's broadsword is in well above average condition and comes complete with its original scabbard; note the scabbard of the broadswords at this time did not have ball chapes. This is a monster of a sword, well built and appropriate some burly Scotsman in uniform to say the least.

image 865 2

image 865 3

The 32 1/2 inch claymore blade is in good order, though is has light pitting along its length the etching is still very nice and very clear. The blade bears no War Department marks, so this was most likely a private purchase, and the blade quality shows; I think the quality is in excess of most officer's swords of the period. Blade firm in the hilt, the steel hilt again pitted but this is a seeming trifle when compared with less robust plated officer hilts.

image 865 4

The original leather and steel fittings scabbard is in very good order, a rarity. The fishskin grip is worn but in good order, as are the twisted wire grip bindings, just one strand going a little astray. The sword sheathes and draws very well. This is a very satisfying sword to hold to say the very least. Because of the condition and scarcity, I believe it is a very good price and a sound investment. Further / full sized images available upon request. My item reference number is 865 (352).



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